Beyond Alternative Medicine and Acupuncture...

At Meridian Holistic, The Center for Personal
and Environmental Health, Alternative Medicine
Meets Self-Empowerment

We believe that true Holistic Health includes your family, your home, your environment and your financial health.  To be successful in the world and to sustain healthy self-growth, you need a strong, healthy inner foundation and self-image.

What exactly is a strong inner foundation?  How do you build it?  

We offer ways to explore and heal how you fit into your life and your world.  We closely examine the question of whose life are you leading and empower you to live a fulfilling life for yourself.  You'll discover how to come effortlessly from your own inner impulse rather than struggling and reacting to circumstances and energies coming at you from the outside.

If you're ready to start leading your own life — a life that's peaceful, free and fulfilled, join us on our next Monday evening FREE conference call where you'll learn more about holistic health, self-empowerment and  building a strong healthy foundation - effortlessly and joyfully.

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