The Birth Workshop at the Meridian Holistic Health offers gentle and holistic healing of birth trauma.

Imagine yourself in the safest place in the world surrounded by people who support your every need and ask your permission before taking any action. This is the Meridian Birth Workshop. Under the gentle guidance of Drs. Susan and Julian Lange, this workshop creates a space where you can re-experience your birth and consciously transform its negative aspects to the life-enhancing experience we all want it to be.

Do you know that the way you came into this world and the beliefs and decisions you made back then could be sabotaging anything you try to do right now? Using your birth patterns as metaphor, this workshop explores and unravels tightly held beliefs that may be buried so deeply in your bones and cells that they erode the healthy template that was conceived and nurtured in your mother’s womb.

What the Meridian Birth Workshop offers is the opportunity to experience at a cellular level what it is like to be physically and emotionally supported as our perfect and healthy template emerges and our natural state of joy flourishes. This is the foundation upon which we build the rest of our lives.

What if you could design the rest of your life right now – at whatever age you are – starting with conditions before conception, in the womb and at your birth? What if your earliest experience outside your mother’s womb was warm and welcoming? What if you were surrounded by loving family members to welcome you into this new world and, as you take your first breath, they held and caressed you and told you that you are the most amazing baby ever, ever, ever?

This workshop will help you re-pattern the decisions you unconsciously made then that affect your relationships now. This new state of awareness has the power to improve business dynamics, heal personal relationships and even affect pets’ behavior as they sense a more calm and confident energy in their human companions.

Birth workshops are scheduled periodically. Please call the clinic at 310 395-9525 for more information.