ECO Studies in Personal & Environmental Health

Case Study #1

The Meridian Center for Personal and Environmental Health,
Santa Monica, California, 1990-1997

This is a Center for Alternative Medicine and Acupuncture created with ecological green building techniques, Bau-biologie and Feng Shui

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Meridian Holistic Center

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Case Study #2

The Green House in Tucson, Arizona

This home was featured on the Arizona Solar Tour in October 2003, using green building techniques and Feng Shui

Barrio Green House

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“The Green House”

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Case Study #3

Tips to ECO-fit Your Home for Health & Wellbeing

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“ECO-fit Your Home”

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An article on Tom Wuelpern, the creator of rammed earth and adobe homes, and the “Green House.”[/column]
Sunset Greenhouse

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