Getting Pregnant The Natural Way

Dr. Lange frequently uses the Bach remedies star of Bethlehem and walnut. Star of Bethlehem is for women who experienced trauma during previous childbirth, while walnut can help overcome resistance rooted in previous abortions or miscarriages. In addition, Dr. Lange recommends the Chinese flower remedy peone, which she says can help stimulate the kind of “luscious, sensuous energy” that enhances fertility.

Dr. Lange also uses California flower remedies, available through a company called Flower Essence Services (see Resources). She recommends the following California flowers:

Mariposa Lilies This remedy improves the receptivity of the womb by helping a woman heal her own birth trauma.

Bleeding Heart Dr. Lange says that bleeding heart can clear out hidden emotions regarding a previous miscarriage or abortion. “If there is pain or guilt around abortion, the woman can actually shut down emotionally and physically. It’s like their bodies are not willing to go through this again.”

Black-Eyed Susan This is another remedy to help resolve a woman’s birth issues. “I might use it if the difficulties of getting pregnant or carrying a child just seem too overwhelming or painful to deal with,” explains Dr. Lange.

Pitcher Plant This remedy is used to strengthen physical energy in women lacking what Dr. Lange calls the “animal magnetism that is very fertile or fecund.”

Golden Eardrops Dr. Lange recommends golden eardrops to help release repressed feelings from childhood that may be creating ambivalence about motherhood.

Goldenrod This remedy fosters a sense of identity separate from one’s parents. “If the mother has a lot of fears, that gets projected onto the daughter, and if the daughter carries those fears, pregnancy can be very difficult,” says Dr. Lange.

Sticky Monkey Flower This remedy enhances warmth and connection, particularly for women experiencing confusion about sexuality and intimacy.

Pomegranate Women trying to balance career and family may be helped by pomegranate, which is also effective for reproductive disturbances.

Manzanita and Mugwort These remedies can ease what Dr. Lange calls the “stepdown process”-a baby’s transition from the spiritual to the physical plane. “It can be quite shocking for the being. This softens and helps the preparation process.”

Shooting Star and Sweet Pea Both of these remedies help prepare the womb and make it a welcoming environment.

How to Use Flower Remedies

Flower remedies are prepared in one of two ways. The first method involves placing the flowers in distilled water for several hours, then preserving the water in brandy. Certain remedies are prepared by boiling the flowers, along with their twigs and leaves, for an hour, letting the water cool, and once again preserving it in brandy.

Flower remedies can be purchased at health-food stores or through private companies (see Resources). Generally, the flower essence is mixed with purified water and a preservative such as brandy or apple cider vinegar. For mixing proportions, follow the instructions on the formula you buy. The suggested dose is four drops under the tongue, four times a day.


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