Don Factorís Triumph over Cancer … 20 years later!

Occasionally we like to post interviews about people who have incredible success stories to share and who can inspire others in their own healing journey. Our dear friend Don Factor came to our wedding over twenty years ago, and two weeks later was diagnosed with a very severe form of cancer and given months to live.

Don Factor

Easter, 2007 – Don Factor at his pool-side home in Palm Springs

“I mean, there couldnít be a worse (diagnosis) as far as I know. I later found out when I researched it, that there is no survival statistic for people who had what I had.”

Don Factor: “Basically, what Iíd have to tell people, which comes from my own direct experience, is that a cancer diagnosis (even one like mine), is not a death sentence. I survived. It was a death sentence I was given and I didnít die; which means, if I could do it, if one person can do it. It means someone else can do it. So it isnít a foregone conclusion.”

Don Factor is the first in our series of “Healing Miracles.”

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