Post Surgery Pain & Numbness: Acupuncture Relieves Post Surgery Pain & Numbness

Many people have post surgery pain and/or numbness that can often severely compromise the quality of their life and they have no idea how helpful acupuncture could actually be for their post surgery pain or post surgery pain and numbness.

Post surgery pain can be so strong that sufferers can’t function normally.  Often drugs used for post surgery pain can only be taken for so long before something stronger and more habit forming needs to be used for that pain.

Or maybe the post surgery pain isn’t as much of a problem as numbness.  Numbness can be challenging because the part of the body where the numbness is, just feels like it’s missing or kind of dead.  Activities like bathing and sensing if something is too hot or cold, or even wet or if someone is touching you are hard when you have numbness and can’t feel a part of yourself.


  • A policeman in a shoot out had to throw himself down on the ground, just like in the movies.  His shoulder took the fall and, unlike the movies, it took a lot of damage.  Several surgeries later he had a working shoulder but also post surgery pain which nothing helped.  His post surgery pain forced him in to early retirement.  Three acupuncture treatments got rid of his post surgery pain.  He was amazed that acupuncture works that well.


  • A woman had her tongue removed because of cancer.  Her amazing surgeon built her a new one using muscle from her forearm but this left her with a lot of post surgery pain and numbness in that area.  Her inner arm is totally numb and in pain; the post surgery pain goes to her fingers.  After five acupuncture treatments her post surgery pain is gone and she is recovering sensation.  Her numbness is also improving!  She feels lucky and is grateful to have found acupuncture to help her post surgery pain and numbness.


  • A tourist visiting Israel had to have her arm amputated after the Jeep she was riding in rolled over and crushed it.  She had "phantom limb" post surgery pain, or pain in a limb that is no longer there.  She was suffering severe post surgery pain in the arm that had been removed!  Three acupuncture treatments later and her post surgery pain was gone when nothing else had helped.


Acupuncture has existed for 1,000s of years.  Millions of people all over the world have been treated with Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

Even though medical science has yet to figure out exactly how it works doctors commonly recommend acupuncture to their post surgery pain patients.  They have seen acupuncture treatment benefit many conditions and specifically post surgery pain and numbness.

These people are only a few of many cases of post surgery pain and numbness that I have treated in my decades’ long career in acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and while on staff at San Pedro Peninsula Hospital, Pain Management Center.


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This is Dr Julian Lange, OMD, LAc. 

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  1. I had a accupture treatment today because I have Neropathy in my legs and feet. She put several needles in my skin. My leg and feet hurt and are numb. Is this a normal thing? I would appreciate hearing from you on this. Thanks

  2. Is there any sort of stretching or things you should avoid doing after you have a session with an acupuncturist? I know with massages and things of the nature, they recommend drinking a lot of water and was wondering if this was true with this sort of treatment. I have never tried it, so thanks in advance.

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