Healing Success Stories from Dr. Julian Lange’s Patients

Kyra Sedgwick.JPG“I’d recommend Julian to anyone for anything.”

~Kyra Sedgwick, Actress of  Los Angeles, California

We both think that you’re a genius and I’d recommend you to anyone for anything.  Aside from being caring, sweet, and warm, you are also obviously incredibly talented. You changed our daughter’s life.  From the time she was a baby.  I feel like you have changed her life forever, even changed the course of her life and I know that she’s a lot healthier and better for it in every way.

I can’t say enough about you.

I love you.

selma blair 2.jpg

“Julian – Thank God for you.”

~Selma Blair, Actress of  Los Angeles, California

“So my whole system is totally rejuvenated, thanks to the Meridian Digestive Cleanse. It’s fabulous!”

~Tracy Carrara, Esthetician/Salon Owner of Glendale, California

Tracy_Carrara.JPG“Hi. I’m Tracy Carrara, the facial Queen. I want to tell you what happened to me last spring. I was feeling, ah, so horrible, lethargic. I actually woke up one morning and my joints were so stiff I could hardly move. It was so scary. I didn’t know what was wrong. I went to the doctor two days later and he diagnosed me with viral arthritis. And…, I immediately called Dr. Julian to see what he had to say and I went on a whole digestive cleansing program. It took several weeks of work that actually, in the end, I was a brand new person, because I lost weight, my arthritis was gone, and I felt like amazing, better than ever, and…. What was the other thing? Oh! My allergies! This was an interesting side effect. My allergies were gone …are gone now. I only get them in the fall. It’s fall right now and I thought, “What’s going on, I’m not having my allergies,” so it must be from that. I mean I can’t see what else it could be, I’ve had them for twenty years.”

“Julian…is brilliant.”

~Jeff Atmajian, Composer of Venice, California

“I have been a client of Dr. Julian Lange’s for nearly five yearsjeff 2.JPG now. He is a brilliant at acupuncture and he has a very well balanced view about life that I really appreciate. His acupuncture has helped me with more than just physical issues; there are always psychological things as well as my general wellbeing. Recent shoulder and neck troubles had immediate relief with Dr. Lange’s acupuncture, even more relief than with the physical therapy I was trying.”

“…you had such an incredible impact on my life.”

~Karen Martin, Business Manegment Consultant of San Diego, California

Karen Martin.JPG“I’m effusive about you to friends and family all the time because you had such an incredible impact on my life. I felt my treatment with you was incredibly transformative and kind of a jump start of my spiritual journey. So thank you, thank you, thank you…

“Words can not express the profound impact you’ve had on my life. I was a skeptical but open-minded patient who had experienced allopathic medicine’s limitations. You not only help to cure two chronic conditions, but opened my eyes and mind to a spiritual journey that has transformed my life. You are a gifted healer and remarkable human being.”

“Julian’s work with my mother, who is ninety-four, is so on point and successful…”

~Nancy Youell of Utah

Nancy.jpg“You two are my most loved and respected mentors. I am honored to intermittently be in your presence. I am awed to be in your hearts. There are tears in my eyes of gratitude for the connectedness I feel when I think of my experience in the workshop a few years ago. I won’t try to put that into words…

“And if all that isn’t enough to be greatful for, Julian’s work with my mother, who is ninety-four is so on point and successful as to create joy where most every second had been interpersonal and physical pain…had a great day with Mom. She is so much better after the session with Julian. We had fun–so much fun together today…

“After doing bodywork and healing for years, coming to appreciate the gift of healing that I was given- I can’t fathom the rarified level of awareness and connectedness that Julian and Susan are courageous enough to allow. In my experiece, they know what few do, and they live it. Balance, grace, all while being fully human. Respecting life and the innate intelligence within all life (including the silly humans) starting where it counts with themselves and then letting it spread outward. It is a joy to be riding a ripple…and learning how to create my own drop in the pond.”

“I would like to thank Julian Lange…in helping in my discovery and recovery from interstitial cystitis.”

~From the dedication in the book Solving the Interstitial Cystitis Puzzle by Amrit Willis

“Thank you for teaching me about health and leading me to a healthier life. I’ll never love the needles but you do an excellent job!”

~Mallory Smson, Photographer of Malibu, California.

“He will be honest with you from the beginning…”

~ Lisa Soland, Writer, Knoxville, Tennessee

“Julian Lange goes above and beyond the normal call of duty as it is laid out by the mainstream medical industry and he does so by considering all aspects of oneself–body, mind, and spirit. No wonder his work is effective, particularly for those who have a finer tuned degree of sensitivity. I have known Julian for a long time and have recommended him to many people who could not find relief through traditional medicine. He will be honest with you from the beginning, whether he thinks his approach will be helpful, and will treat you unrushed, with the respect we all deserve.”

“Thank you so much for another artistic treament today. I am so grateful to know you and so thankful for your considerable assistence in my healing proccess. You’re GREAT!” ~T. Young of Marina del Ray, California

Sharon Ivie-1“Words can not express how I feel! You’re a miracle worker – thank you for all of your time and care!”

~Sharon Ivie, Administrator of Santa Monica, California

“One of the critical components of his treatments is to give the sense of power and control back to his patients. He certainly did to me.”

~C. of Ojai, California

“I first came to Dr. Julian Lange, probably a year following a hysterectomy in which I fought for my right to keep my ovaries. What began to happen is that the ovaries, particularly my left ovary, began to swell and I was in a considerable amount of pain on a daily basis, but also had intermittent, what I called “attacks” where basically, I was bedridden. These attacks came once a month, once every couple months, as time went on they became more and more regular. My GI tract was completely stopped up and I was in pain whenever I ate. [The] surgeons recommended that I have surgery again. I began to recieve acupuncture treatments from Dr. Julia Lange once a week [and] literally after the first acupuncture session with Dr. Lange, I began to feel relief. Over the course of ten months or twenty six treaments, the relief translated to, basically, getting my life back; where I had energy because I wasn’t in pain everyday. I have not had an attack for several months now. Dr. Lange took the time to explain the thinking behind the acupuncture and why it would or would not work.

Most amazing and heretical, given the standard main stream medical treatment that I was being given and experiencing with the surgeons, was the intake that Dr. Lange conducted prior to, and throughout my treatment. I have never had any doctor, including my therapist do such a comprehensive intake of my entire history; my entire psycho, social, emotional, physical history since I was a child.  And Dr. Lange used and relied on that history to glean clues and insights into where I was now as an adult, and why my disease, my illness, was what it was. Because of the pain and the kind of hopelessness I felt after all the invasive tests and vague descriptions and theories about what was wrong with me, I began to lose hope that there was any change to be had.  One of the critical components of his treatment is to give a sense of power and control back to his patients, he certainly did to me. He assured me that I would not have to have a treatment every week for the rest of my life. And I am finding that I am o.k. going three, four weeks in a row and now I’ve reached, I think, a five week mark. In retrospect, I feel like maybe I did not need to have the hysterectomy. The only relief that I’ve had has been because of the acupuncture treatments. Dr. Lange gave me my life back, gave me a sense of hope, gave me, again, a sense of power and control, a sense of control over my own life.I am [also] finding that I can handle stress on a physical and emotional level so much more effectively in terms of my outlook on life and ability to be more productive than I ever had been before.”

denise rey V.2.jpg

“You were building green before anyone knew their arse from a seed in the ground.” ~Denise Ray, “The Plant Lady” of Santa Monica, California


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