Post Surgery Scarring and Adhesions: Seven Alternative Medicine Solutions to Scarring and Adhesions

Post surgery scarring binds the skin. Keloids form when the scarring is extensive causing pain and numbness. In more severe cases deep adhesions form between neighboring structures resulting in pain, compromised ability to freely move through the normal range of motion, and other more serious organ changes.

1. Acupuncture Treatment: Acupuncture treatment of “toxic” scarring by a qualified acupuncturist inserting acupuncture needles around the scarring can be very beneficial.

2. Silica & Silicone Gels: Silica (microscopic quartz crystals) gel and silicone (a polymer with silica as a component) gel impregnated sheets which promote healing of scarring and the skin. The gel can be applied directly to the scarring and neighboring skin. Re-usable adhesive strips of fabric that are impregnated with silicone are also available. These strips may have an advantage over the gel because they are adhered directly over the scarring and can be worn for extended periods of time. The gel has to be reapplied to the scarring through out the day, especially if covered by clothing. Some people may find the adhesive on the strips irritating to their skin.

3. Essential Oils: These are extracted from plants and can be beneficial for scarring and skin healing. Generally, essential oils should not be applied directly to the skin or the scarring. Prepare a liniment by mixing 10 – 20 drops of the essential oil with 10 ml of a vegetable oil like apricot oil, grape seed oil, or almond oil. Helichrysum is a “skin regenerative”, it is good for tissue trauma, reduces scarring and skin discoloration. Geranium and Moroccan Blue Tansy are also good for repairing damaged skin.

4. Herbs: There are Chinese herbal formulas which are ideally administered about 6 hours after surgery in order to prevent adhesions from forming. These formulas encourage intestinal peristalsis and the circulation of Qi in the abdomen.

The herbs, Arnica (Leopardbane) and/or Calendula (Marigold) promote healing and in a gel (preferably without alcohol or a petroleum base) can be applied to the vicinity of the surgery.

5. Homeopathic Remedies: A long history of use and can be very useful in addressing post surgery scarring.

  • Arnica for bruising, any injury, and surgical trauma.
  • Silica for scarring, keloids, and wounds that are slow to heal and suppurate.
  • Graphites for scarring and keloids.

6. Massage: The Wurn massage technique to reduce post surgery adhesions.

7. Neural Therapy: A scar therapy that is commonly used in Germany and Austria to treat pain and other conditions. It involves the injection of procaine around scarring and other areas to normalize the electro chemical activity of the local cells. Neural therapy is thought to correct regulatory dysfunction in the autonomic nervous system and because of this it is used to treat a surprising range of disorders in people with scarring of any kind.

BONUS TIP. Enzymes: Enzymatic action may make the scarring more elastic. Bromelain for post surgery swelling and inflammation. Injections of Hyaluronidase, a mucolytic enzyme, directly into the scarring to soften and break it down.

And if you would like further information about acupuncture treatment for post surgery scarring or to ask me any other questions visit: Dr Julian Lange, OMD, LAc. “The Holistic Health Strategist.”


Post Surgery Scarring and Adhesions: Seven Alternative Medicine Solutions to Scarring and Adhesions — 6 Comments

  1. Having difficulty getting rid of adhesion inside hip.

    Surgery in 2004. Trauma in 2009. Now big adhesion.

    Do you know anyone in the greater boston or northern arizona area who can work with this?

    Thank you.


    • No, sorry, we don’t know anyone in your areas who works with post
      surgery adhesions in the hip. If you go online and type in NCCAAOM you might be able to
      find a good qualified acupuncturist who has a lot of experience with this

    • Glad you enjoyed the article on post surgery scarring and adhesions.
      Yes, acupuncture is one of the better ways to treat scarring and adhesions.
      You should find another article on our blog about how to use the essential oils.
      I will get back to you with the link. Julian

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