Healing stories†from students and patients who†have been working with Dr Susan Lange, OMD, L.Ac:

“I listened to the talk that Susan gave on her transformative facial rejuvenation class and it sounded amazing …†really inspiring.†” -S F, Mother and Artist, Santa Monica, CA

“I began feeling not only less vulnerable but actually that not just that I could survive, but that I could actually start to move forward with all aspects of my life.” – R. A. – Seattle WA

“Well about a year ago I was feeling kind of vulnerable.†I was feeling rather weak in terms of my physical condition.†I was having neurological symptoms that were quite severe and frightening.†I was contemplating surgery, and I was questioning if I was really going to make it.†Not so much in losing my life but just in terms of feeling weak, feeling vulnerable, feeling frightened.†I called up Susan and wanted to see what workshops were happening and she encouraged me to come to a Birth Workshop.
“That was what turned things around.†Got in touch with how healing really is a team sport, felt that quality of support that having various people holding up the space for me, connecting with me, providing the strength that I did not feel at the time.†And it was extremely helpful for me.†I took that encouragement and that strength with me and started completing another program of strengthening; inner and outer strengthening.†Learning to say NO, learning to set boundaries, learning to establish what was in my space.†In sessions with Susan we talked a lot about what was my job, what wasnít my job, and it was all very, very helpful.†Just moving forward along different avenues:†the physical, the emotional, the psychological.†I felt myself getting stronger.†My confidence returned.†I began feeling not only less vulnerable but actually that not just that I could survive, but that I could actually start to move forward with all aspects of my life.”
“In the workshop the turnaround came when one of the male members of the group put his head on my shoulder and then I connected with my feet with Julian, and I started feeling that chain of connection.†That energy gave me a sense of strength that I was safe and that I could go forward doing what I want.†And seeing the person who was representing my mother being taken care of without me needing to specifically be taking care of her was the liberating that I could go forward and she would be taken care of.†So a sense of connection with my male energy was that strength knowing that the person that I had to take care of was being taken care of.†That was a turning point, yes.”
I feel much stronger on all levels: physically, emotionally, and setting boundaries.†I have become quite an expert with saying†NO and at delineating just what my job is, in a particular situation, and just what it isnít.†I am very much eager to go forward and have a lot of anticipation and a sense of confidence that I can make some significant changes in my life.†I am very hopeful.†It certainly has been a difficult time and I felt quite discouraged at places and just wondered often whether I really could make some change.†I have seen the changes that I have experienced this last year, and with that I have gained the confidence that I can go forward even more and really step into the life that I want to life.†And that is what is most important to me right now.”
“So a year ago when I returned to Los Angeles from Seattle, I was taking on a lot of stuff of my motherís, and I was suffering physically because of it.†And through one of the things that we learned in the workshop about “Honoring my NO”, I was able to delineate my space versus her space: what was mine, what wasnít mine.†One of the things we talked about was if itís bigger than me it is not mine, and that kind of stuff seemed very helpful.†And through that thinking of me once I identified just what is mine, my stuff, and what isnít my stuff, and seeing what I was taking on and what I wasnít, and how harmful it was to me, I was able to establish a boundary of not taking on more than I can handle myself. And that has freed me up tremendously in becoming stronger I feel, and being able to move forward.†Because before I kept on being pulled back, basically by someone elseís stuff.†And so now I am pretty much able to go forward.”

“I truly look forward to… expanding even more, having successful relationships, better relationships with everyone that I know… “ – R. R. – Los Angeles CA

“Iím about 50 years old, and I started working with Susan about a year ago, and I came to Susan because I was in a really distressed situation in my life. Having gone through some sort of mid-life crisis andÖand a relationship that was totally stressing me out. Iíd come to a point where I felt like I had no where to go. I was actually looking forward to my death because life had pretty much become unbearable for me. I felt like my body was becoming old, and ridden by disease. I lost pretty much interest in just about everything in life including eating and sex, and I just had lost the zest that I once had so much of at one point in my youth.”
“What has happened to me over this past year working with Susan and Julian and some of the workshops is that I have not only got everything that I had back in my younger days, Iíve actually realized where I was going wrong, and what was wrong with my thinking. Some of the old beliefs that had held me back all my life without me even realizing it, and some of the things that stopped me. I became aware of those and I am working through those and itís truly a delight to understandÖto really truly understand what it is that holds us all back in life, not just me. And to be able to work through it, to understand what we actually regard as our enemy and what weíre most afraid of is actually inside us and itís our best friend, and will guide us to where ever we want to go.”
“Iíve understood now that theÖ this life is limitless; the possibilities are limitless and the place that Iím at today is a place where I can touch that healthy spot inside me and tap into it more and more. I truly look forward to havingÖexpanding even more, having successful relationships, better relationships with everyone that I know, and truly having successful and fulfilling life. And itís all thanks to Susan. Thank you Susan.”
“When I first came here, not only was I white, I had this odor of disease and death lingering around me. I truly felt like Iím pretty much going downhill andÖ and that death was in a few years, if not sooner.†Whatís happening in my physical body now is tingling all over, and this is something Iíve been feeling more and more ofÖ in the past few weeks, past month and itís all coming from actually being able to speak my joy, to tap into my joy, and notÖnot be afraid of it, and not be afraid of negative things but actually looking for positive things in life.”
My joy is loving the people that I know. I have an eleven year old daughter. My joy is actually being able to connect with her and be present with her, and enjoy her, notÖ not be distracted by my fears. My joy is having a relationship, a successful relationship where I can love someone and share this over flowing energy thatís inside me. ÖMy joy is to be able to touch other people in my job and in my recreational activities, and in my life everywhere I go.”

ďAfter the session with Susan… the headaches were gone”

“You two are my most loved and respected mentors.† I am honored to intermittently be in your presence.† I am awed to be in your hearts.
There are tears in my eyes of gratitude for the connectedness I feel when I think of my experience in the workshop a few years ago.† I won’t try to put that into words.
“After the Birth Pattern Workshop I came back for a cranio-sacral session with Susan. I had had headaches – upper back and shoulder stiffness for a few years following a blond moment …. when I thought I had arm strength to equal the crew of men I worked with at the time.† I picked up a 12 foot plank of scaffolding – lifting it from the bars that were supporting it – which were above my head.† When it released it fell on my head.† No fun.† But I didn’t do anything about it for quite some time.


After the session with Susan which was absolutely unintrusive on all levels, the headaches were gone, and seldom do I wake up unable to function because my neck and back are in pain, as I had previously.


And if all that isn’t enough to be grateful for:† Julians work with my Mother who is 94 is so on point and successful as to create joy where most every second had been interpersonal and physical pain ….† had a great day with Mom.† She is so much better after the session with Julian.† We had fun – so much fun together today….

After doing bodywork and healing for years, coming to appreciate the gift of healing that I was given – I can’t fathom the rarified level of awareness and connectedness that Julian and Susan are courageous enough to allow.† In my experience – they know what few do – and they live it.† Balance, grace, all while being fully human.† Respecting life and the innate intelligence within all life (including the silly humans) starting where it counts with
themselves and then letting it spread outward.†† It is a joy to be riding a ripple…… and learning how to create my own drop in the pond.”


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