Who Am I As A Woman:

The five Phases of Eve

Understanding how to use
 the Principles of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

for your Health, Wealth and Happiness

Some Feedback from Participants in the "Who Am I As A Woman"  Workshops,  taught by Dr Susan Lange,OMD. L.Ac

 Jeanette O, Artist "I loved seeing the different elemental types express their personalities and energies.  Information was really great.  Wonderful bonding!"

 Mari R,  Medical Administrator

"Great inter communication, information, tools to understanding, bonding with other wonderful women. "    I want to Repeat the Workshop!!"

 Diane B,  Health Practitioner

"The dynamic of ease among all the different types of women present was amazing.  Susan’s vibrancy.  I want more!"

Terry H,  Forensic Accountant

"Susan is absolutely great at making it okay to be wherever and whatever you are.  Enthusiastic, intuitive, clear and demonstrative … Everything I learned was new and it touched me deeply. I now understand and can use these concepts for the first time ever. I’m grateful!"

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