Natural Facial Rejuvenation Program goes more than skin deep at

Susan Lange and Ray Castellino discuss the importance of the FACE for healthy bonding and attachment.
Castellino has long been researching and working with Prenatal, Birth and Infant trauma and specializes in bonding and attachment issues.
And Susan has been teaching facial acupressure and facial massage techniques (including natural facelift massage) to release trauma and to connect with the face, since the early 1990s, which she learned from her first Acupuncture teacher as a young student in Hong Kong. She herself suffered from constant head aches and eye pain as a teenager until she met her teacher, Dr Frances Wong.

In the Lange-Muller Natural Facial Rejuvenation Program, co-created by Dr Susan Lange, OMD, L.Ac. and Mary Louise Muller, M. Ed, RCST, results are enhanced by the heart warming effects of Oxytocin, affectionately named the cuddle hormone, or the bonding hormone. Oxytocin is naturally released during the facial massage sessions – which are a combination of facial acupressure and biodynamic cranio sacral therapy.
In Chinese Medicine we call this opening of the heart and deeper connection with others, the activation of Shen.
This is how the face lifts naturally!

Susan and Mary Louise work with the underlying trauma hidden in the face, and offer Home Study and Live Programs with Massage CE Hours from the NCBTMB, Acupuncture CEUs, and Nursing CEUs.For more information on the Lange-Muller Method of Natural Facial Rejuvenation, and natural facial massage and facelift massage, click below:



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