“We took five days and went to a very powerful birth-oriented week-end that was extraordinary, and some of you know the providers, Julian and Susan Lange.

You know when you look around for someone who can do for you what you can do for others and you find that person and are able to lay yourself in each others hands? That’s the experience we had this week-end. We’re not going to tell you about it because in the event you may attend, it was all about discovery; that’s all we’re going to say.

Susan Lange is one of the most masterful process masters we have ever seen. Julian was there, in this instance as a support, but Susan really is a master at what she does.”

Click both the links above to hear Jim Sniechowski, PhD, Psychologist, founder of “Bridging Heart and Marketing”, speaking on his experiences at:


“Healing Birth Trauma Patterns & Life Trauma Patterns” Healing Retreats

Student Responses From


Birth Patterns, Life Patterns “Healing Retreats



Judith Sherven, Ph.D, Psychologist, co-founder of www.BridgingHeartand Marketing.com on her experiences at the “Birth Patterns, Life Patterns” Healing Retreats


Jeff Hutner
Spiritual Entrepreneur,
“the cosmic connector”
Ojai, CA
“On a scale of 1 to 10, I have to give this workshop ‘Birth Patterns; Life Patterns’… an 11!”

Dr Julian Lange, OMD L.Ac., introducing our ” BIRTH DANCE: Healing Birth Trauma Patterns & Life Trauma Patterns” Retreats


Judith Sherven, PhD
Las Vegas, NV
co-author of “The Heart of Marketing — Love Your Customers and They Will Love You Back”


“The most impressive and effective personal growth experience I have ever experienced.”
“Worth everything. More powerful than years of therapy with even an experienced therapist. Deeply loving, spiritual, psychological and truly life changing. Susan and Julian are genius wizards and trustworthy in their deep integrity.”
“Dear Soul Wizards-
No way to thank you enough for the awesome experience!
We are so grateful for who you are and all that you add to our lives!

“I am a new man.”

“The intelligence, caring, insight, skill,… shown are unmatched in my experience. I arrived purposely not aware… of what the weekend would entail, and I am more moved than I could have imagined. I broke through a barrier that had me imprisoned my whole life – 67 years – and has left me with a knowing, an irrepressible knowing that I will never, never re-enter that prison again.”

Jim Sniechowski.jpg

Jim Sniechowski, PhD
“Earth Mover”
Las Vegas, NV

Bob D
Los Angeles, CA

“Susan and Julian created a safe, fun, nurturing environment that allowed me to risk honesty and joy and to break through barriers of illusion and resistance.”

“It has been three miraculous days – it really has – and I’m leaving tonight in what feels like my natural state. Well, it is!”
“The workshop provided me with an opportunity and an environment to feel my way, in my own time and on my own authentic terms, through a matrix of expansiveness–of allowingness, if there’s such a word–and I burst into golden sunshine, surrounded by laughing loving supportive beautiful friends, in a state of unfettered joy!”
Wayne O
Re-Recording Mixer, Warner Brothers
Los Angeles, CA

“Essentially transformational for me! This is the starting point for a new chapter of understanding and living! Thank you.”

“WOW!!! What a weekend.”

“This workshop has been the most grounding and heart opening experience of my life!”

“The care that was giving to all aspects of the workshop, from picking the group, to the beautiful and comfortable setting, created a safe space in which I was allowed to grow in a way I could not have imagined!”
Christian F
Film and Television Producer
Santa Monica, CA
“There are tears in my eyes of gratitude… “

“You two are my most loved and respected mentors. I am honored to intermittently be in your presence. I am awed to be in your hearts.
There are tears in my eyes of gratitude for the connectedness I feel when I think of my experience in the workshop a few years ago. I won’t try to put that into words.”
Curtis Adney.jpg
Seminar Presenter
Fresno, CA
“Extremely valuable experience. Well worth the money. Felt a definite shift.”

“The consequent increase in energy flow to my entire system started a healing process which continues to this very day.

I want to thank you once again for developing your Birth Workshop. Since I attended in June of 2008, I have experienced profound ongoing healing on many levels, physically, mentally, astrally and spiritually. As you conduct the workshop from both a scientific instructional and an intuitive perspective, you provided the opportunity for increased ability to process areas where my life force was frozen, and much of it since pre-birth. I continually recall key phrases which also serve to unlock areas in my psyche and thus help further integrate my entire physiology. As a Chiropractor and soon to be Brennan Healing Science Practitioner, I highly recommend this workshop as an integral part of one’s healing team. 5/09

“I feel like I’ve been birthed into the Holy Family of mankind and angels; washed anew of the remnants of forces which no longer serve my being physically on the deepest cellular level; emotionally of any colorations that do not clarify the integrity of my soul and spiritually re-united, reconciled and integrated with my highest essence and life purpose. Thank you Susan and Julian for creating a safe and sacred space for my birthing on my truest Birthday weekend.” 6/08

Ellie Feldman
David Fuchs.JPG
David Fuchs
Palm Desert, CA

“Something incredible happened to both me and the group that was transforming.”

“This was beyond any expectations I could have imagined. Something incredible happened to both me and the group that was transforming. We all bonded at a very deep level and I have the wonderful experience of being family with everyone here.”

“I know that I will leave this weekend with a new way of seeing things, a better understanding of myself… “

“I didn’t know what to expect when I came, so I was a bit apprehensive at first. However, as I got to know the group of people involved and I saw the way that Julian and Susan conducted the whole workshop professionally, with great knowledge and experience, I knew it would be an illuminating experience. I know that I will leave this weekend with a new way of seeing things, a better understanding of myself, and also with a greater awareness of the way my past, my family’s past, and all my experiences are connected to much of what I wanted to change in my body and mind.”


Patricia Bisch
Santa Barbara, CA

“The original lullaby.”

“Thank you for your profound guidance in leading people back to the body and hearts. And helping them get back to the deep flow that exists between the dep love and heart of the mother and her child… The original lullabye.”

Cropped T_Carrera.png

Roger Senders.png


Seattle, WA

“Exceeded my expectations!”

“I thought – healing is a team sport – yeah, right! What the hell does that mean? I mean, I can do it myself, right?! Well, nooo… I must say I found out, this weekend, what it means to experience the group’s power to heal. It was illuminating to experience that. While it was my turn officially only once, the whole weekend was really “my turn”. The healing and the insights continued throughout each encounter.”

Cropped M_Fry_1.png

If you would like to join us for our one day “Intro to THE BIRTH DANCE!”, contact us by email at info(@)MeridianHolistic.com or by phone at 310.395.9525.

Or… if you are interested in being put on the waiting list for

THE BIRTH DANCE! Healing Birth Trauma Patterns & Life Trauma Patterns” Retreats, let us know and we will contact you when a space opens up. An interview is required for these Healing Retreats.

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