Natural Face Lift:  Does it Really Work?

Hosted by Dr Susan Lange, OMD, L.Ac and Rufina James, MM

The Myths and Magic of Natural Facial Re-Connection.

Simple techniques and skin rejuvenators to help you Re-Connect with your face and inner radiance.


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4 Day Program in Facial Re-Connection, April 21-24, 2012, in Los Angeles

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Class Notes

Natural Facelift Pros & Cons – Myths and Magic

What causes you to dis-connect from your face?

What helps you to re-connect with your face?

What is Imprinting?

  • External Imprinting on your face
  • Internal Imprinting on your face

External Imprinting

  • Head trauma and injury
  • Car accidents,
  • Dental work
  • Old Birth trauma patterns
  • Environmental stresses
  • Surgeries
  • Toxic cosmetic products, and procedures

Internal Imprinting

  • Issues related to the liver, colon, and whole digestive process
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Internal organ imbalances of Liver, Heart, Spleen, Lungs, Kidneys
  • Unresolved emotions
  • Anesthesia and medications
  • Inflammation
  • Poor Diet
  • “Normal” aging of your tissues

Different approaches are required for the different imprinting.

The more yin internal approaches focus on healing old trauma and emotions that affect the face and skin, and supporting the internal organ systems.

And the more yang external approaches are about what you put on your face and skin that don’t adversely affect your internal organs but rather enhance and rejuvenate you.

You can’t just cut these issues away.

You can’t just therapize these issues away

You can’t even massage these issues away


Laughter is the Best Face Lift!

“I believe that Laughing is the best calorie burner. I Believe in Kissing; Kissing a lot. I believe in Being Strong when everything else seems to be going wrong. I believe Happy Girls are the Prettiest Girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day, and I Believe in Miracles. ~ Audrey Hepburn”








Watch Mindy’s Natural Rejuvenation experience

“I went under … and came out 20 years younger!

I need this every day!”

Mindy N, Esthetician, San Diego

  • What is the Goal of Facial RE-Connection?
  • Connection with your Face
  • Connection with your Body
  • Connection with Others
  • An Integrated Life!

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Teleseminar: Natural Facelift: Does it really Work? — 9 Comments

  1. Susan & Julian,

    Delighted to listen into your marvelous online class…… I am amazed at all the information you shared… I enjoyed all the info and all the drawings/illustrations and exercises very much. It was the perfect amount of information, questions, illustrations and exercises. I will promote this to many friends that I know will be interested. I would love to take your course and someday I will be able to…. I will share and promote your online class and I know you will get clients.

    All the very best to you….. am so glad that you have launched an extremely valuable class and body of knowledge….

    Deborah Plummer

    • Thank you so much for your feedback, Deborah.
      I’m always concerned about giving too much information
      that could be overwhelming – so I appreciate your kind words.
      See you soon,
      Warm wishes,

  2. Dear Susan and/or Rufina,
    I’m so sorry not to have been able to be on the entire call. Will you have a replay available? I heard you mention this Susan. Please let me know.

    Right now I’m relaxed from your last two ‘tips’! Thank you.
    Mary Kay

  3. I enjoyed all the information you shared with us today. Can you please remind me how to get the yin/yang essentials oils? Also, on the last two tips, I didn’t quite understand if the hands are supposed to move to the neck after you apply them on your cheeks or on your occiput. You mentioned something about the neck in each case which I didn’t understand. Are the hands supposed to go down to the neck muscles?

    Thank you so much for your free mini class. I did feel better after the last three tips you gave. I just want to make sure I got them right. The difference in the way I felt is intriguing to me and i might want to explore this further.

    Warm regards,

    Sylviane Towne
    ( My husband and I are patients of your husband).

  4. Susan, First of all thank you so much for sending me this recording as I was not able to join in on the call. So much interesting information from both you and Rufina. I did the few exercises with you at the end of the call and want you to know that this is the most painfree I’ve been in 4 days. Especially the last one for the neck as this is where my current issue is. I would love to learn more..
    Thank you,
    Geri Delia

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