Discover Hidden Secrets To Health That Ordinary Doctors Don’t Understand

We’re excited to announce the workshop that’s foundational to life ..

Life Connections: Family Matters

“Secrets To Breaking Free From the Stagnant Energy Patterns Holding You Back! ”

If you’re encountering the same problems and situations in life over and over again that hold you back… if you’ve been struggling to be free of the same issues year after year, no matter how hard and how much you work on them.. . if you feel your issues are bigger than you can handle… you may be right! And this may be the most significant news you’ll ever hear.

The source of your problems may very well lie in an area that has been totally overlooked in modern Western society. But no longer. Now, with a simple technique, the source can be accessed, addressed and healed.

Learn How To Release Current and Hereditary Patterns And Achieve Clarity, Health, Wealth and Success

We would like to show you some simple but extremely powerful methods to break free and banish struggle, achieve greater happiness and gain new options to overcome the health challenges you may be facing today…and especially, to reconnect with life!

Experience The Most Powerful (and Previously Unknown) Methods Available To Break Free From the
Pain and Trauma Carried For Generations

Dr. Julian Lange, OMD, L.Ac and Dr. Susan Lange, OMD, L.Ac will work with a select group of people breaking through barriers to stagnant energy and seemly insurmountable, long-held blocks. They will show you potent steps to overcoming emotional, behavioral and physical patterns and help you rejuvenate your spirit and achieve clarity, health and well-being! Here are the details:

“Life Connections: Family Matters
Secrets To Health, Clarity And Freedom”
3-Day Workshop
Future dates to be announced
Meridian Center, West Los Angeles

This unique workshop is only offered periodically. For more information, please call Beverly: (310) 395 9525, ext: 1# Feel free to leave a message if necessary.