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Comments made by students and clients:

“I loved ‘Life Connections’ and feel grateful for valuable insights and information to incorporate into my life. The atmosphere set by Susan, with support by Julian, was war, open and encouraging. If feel great respect for the participants, their paths, insightfulness and willingness to share.”

Retired attorney
Los Angeles, California

“The experience of this workshop has definitely been awakening. It has changed the way I view myself, my family and relationships. I am now walking through life with a more secure feeling of belonging to it in a more complete way.”

Licensed Massage Therapist
Los Angeles, California


“Having attended many workshops in the 80’s, I did not think there was much more for me to learn. So , it was nice surprise for me to experience some new stuff! The whole event was conducted with humor, respect and compassion. At the same time, information shared was all encompassing, the structure nicely varied and efficiently handled. I certainly enjoyed the sport and much appreciated the support!”

Retired NLP Practitioner
Venice, California


After a recent workshop by Dr. Julian Lange:

“Excellent presence and interest to contribute to the audience. Excellent knowledge of material. You’re an awesome trainer!”

Workshop Participant

“Julian’s knowledge and understanding of the health industry is unsurpassed. If anyone can lead you to the proper place to go for health it’s Julian! Thank you!”

Workshop Participant