Discover Secrets
Most Speakers Will Never Know
About Presenting Powerfully

If you’ve ever wanted to speak with the passion and power of Dr. Martin Luther King, the inspiration of John F. Kennedy and the charisma of Bill Clinton, now you can!  

Finally, the true keys to their power and ability to move audiences are revealed!  And they go beyond anything previously taught.  There is a critical combination of skills and art necessary to speaking powerfully and authentically. 

If you know them, people will stop and listen (and find themselves unable to tear themselves away). If you don’t, you’ll struggle to maintain your audience’s attention and interest.

Want to have a long-lasting, successful
speaking or training career?

Forget it!

Unless you know the right skills and techniques required – master skills that have been lost for over a century — you’ll struggle and constantly suffer from one of the biggest problems speakers encounter — going hoarse from overspeaking and misusing your voice (like 97% of speakers out there)!

This has cut short many a promising speaking career.  And it’s such a shame because it’s completely preventable – IF you know what to do.

The truth is, these skills simply aren’t taught anywhere else, and most speakers are completely unaware of their existence… And today’s speakers are paying the price. Don’t be one of them.

Discover the secrets of using the power of your breath, voice and spirit to command attention, connect with your listeners and move them … and never worry about being dull and boring… or losing your voice again. Gain the same underlying skills and abilities that enabled great speakers to change history with the power of their presentations. It’s all in the revolutionary training offered by master vocal coach, award-winning singer and speaker, Rufina James, M.M. and Dr. Susan lange, O.M.D., LAc, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Core Energetics Therapist:

Voice Power Mastery Bootcamp

The premier training for speakers, trainers and actors

who want to achieve greatness!

Just three days of this training will give you previously unfathomable skills that will serve you a lifetime.  You’ll discover:

  • The difference between good speakers and GREAT speakers… and what it takes to soar above the rest
  • Never-before-revealed secrets of commanding attention, mesmerizing, and moving your listeners with your presence and voice
  • How to develop a million-dollar voice that will last a lifetime
  • How to access your authenticity and authority… and express it with ease
  • Uncover your hidden power source to dynamic communication
  • Connect with your passion and purpose… and express it through your voice and body
  • Inspire and move others – without even trying!
  • What’s behind your fear of speaking in public and how to banish it forever!
  • Master speaking from your core — the essence of your being!
  • What you must do to never lose your voice again – no matter how challenging the speaking environment!

For more information, see Voice Power Mastery

or contact Rufina James: 916624-2036
email: support[at]


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