If you have been using Botox, have had a facelift
or have been thinking of having one, read on

Did you know that surgical facelifts and
Botox can cut meridians and block the flow
of healthy energy through the face? That they
can be detrimental to your health?
Cosmetic surgery can cause toxic scars;
Botox can become addictive?

What can you do?
Learn how to:
*       Get Rid of Those unwanted wrinkles
without using BOTOX
*       REDUCE the appearance of wrinkles
without needing expensive creams
*       REJUVENATE and renew aging skin
*       RESTORE skin’s youthful radiance and

Did you know that you can do this with:
*       No Needles that can cause bruising
*       No Painful Injections
*       No Microcurrents

Results can be visible in minutes!  Join us for a:

PREVIEW of our next Transformational Facelift
Massage Workshops and learn what you can do
for yourself at home to enhance not just your
face health and beauty but your total health.

We can’t wait to share some wonderful “before
and after” stories and videos from our recent
Transformational Face Lift workshop with you.

Check out:

Also listen to our **Free** audio recording


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